Kerrin (redheaded_itch) wrote,

Reappearing from the black to post these.

Bamboozle Roadshow, a few days ago. Members of two bands, one of which I am a fan, being beaten by the cops for "breaking curfew" in Philadelphia.

The Bamboozle Road Show(April 26 Philly): Bands, Batons, & Blood

The last image from this video goes along with this Twitter post by Travis from We The Kings.

Regardless of what happened to start the incident, violence is not the way to react. I hate those fuckheads that hide behind their badge as a way to get off on illegal or amoral shit like this. Like some of the cops in Halifax, this is just an abuse of privilege. They should all be suspended.


Otherwise, this blog is still closed. A new one has popped up elsewhere, but unless I say you do, you don't get the link. I don't need more people judging me for trying to find someone to talk to. I know there are people who read this who don't say so. STOP.
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