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Ok, no more drinking before bed.

Had some awesome, yet effed-up dreams last night.

The weirdest one was that I was back in Timberlea, and my Mum had just had another baby. I had another little brother. He latched on to me right away, smiling and answering to the name I wanted for him (Michael something). WEIRD.

Then I had a dream I was hanging out in a Guild-type place, except it was more like a hallway, and ishyface and I were totally dancing around and rocking out to the new Cobra Starship song, "Pete Wentz is the Only Reason We're Famous"</a>. Like, fists in the air, jumping around, head banging, etc. I think this has to happen for realz when zee comes up. WEIRDER.

Perhaps the weirdest dream though, was the one where I was looking for something in a box of my brother Eddie's old school folders, and I found a story written by him (and illustrated by my old friend Jennah) called "The Adventures of Triffinia", which was essentially Ghostvase with the names changed (Blastmar was Traublaud, or something), and told from Trixxie's POV. It was dated 2006. So, sorry Joel, my (then 10-year-old) brother came up with your thesis film. XD WEIRDEST.

So what's up with you, flist?
Tags: dreams, my stupid brain, wtf?
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