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Blah blah blah. Waiting for a computer with Photoshop on so I can do some work. Alternatively I could go home and work. I may just do that. I might get more done in my own environment. (NOT)

So I'm wearing a skirt today. Bought it yesterday with birthday monies. I walked into Ricki's and thought, "Damn. I want me an effing skirt." So I bought one. I originally wanted a denim skirt, but there's still time left in the season to find one. This one's a brownish sort of grey, knee-length. I'm wearing brown tights, my new pashmina scarf, and my Stars tee with it. I look rockin', and feel pretty!

Birthday wasn't so bad. I spent most of it alone, which was fine, except for the part where I brought home a crapload of food for dinner (BBQ chicken, various salads, corn on the cob, as well as delicious cake) only to find that xcarex and Dorian were just on their way out. So I ate supper by my onesies and watched Dawn of the Dead on TiVo. Not the original, the one with Sarah Polley in. I liked it.

Today I get birthday drinks! $5 martinis at the Fireside. Hopefully someone will show up. I know Tiff said she would, but everyone else is still all maybes. Invited Wes, Allie, AJ, Adam, Jesse, the Heathers, Daylicious... I think there may have been more. Possibly Alex. I should see if he wants to come. I enjoy Alex. There. Invited.

Have a new cousin now. I forgot completely that my cousin Stevie's wife Sherri was even preggers. She had a c-section this morning, and it's a girl. Bloody woman wants to name the baby Lacey. I have problems with this. A) It's a trailer trash name; B) Her last name is Head. Lacey Head?? STRIPPER NAME, GUYS, REALLY. Thankfully it's not set in stone yet; Stevie wants to name her Sophie. I think Sophia would work better to the ear, but it's not my baby, so... Plus, then they'd be all "S" names.

What's up with you today, flist?
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