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"Let's live this night over again until we vanish into thin air."

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Kerrin, n. single: 1. A round redhead of the female variety. 2. A 21-year-old student of the celluloid arts at NSCAD University. Enjoys writing for the screen, shutterbugging, and all things musical. 3. A part-time Bandomer, full-time band geek. 4. A singer, floutist, sometimes guitarist, almost keyboardist, and always enthusiastic tambouriner. 5. A little insane, for good or bad. 6. A female (though not necessarily more feminine) Gerard Way, 10 years ago. 7. An ass-kicker sometimes brought to social situations as a means of bodily protection.

Kerrin, n. plural: 1. A family reunion involving two single Kerrins, related through a common mother and sister. 2. A situation that should be avoided at all costs. 3. Lots of alcohol.

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"To Pull A Kerrin", verb.: Prolonged action involving a slow torturous breakup in which the innocent party is forced to wonder what went wrong, ending in the destruction of said party's capacity for healthy emotional expression.

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